Public hearing Feb 22. Time to rally!

We believe that democracy demands that every vote should matter equally and the president should be the one who wins the most votes.
Our goal is to get the CT General Assembly to pass HB 5434 to enter the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, joining 11 other states whose legislatures have agreed to cast their electoral votes for the presidential candidate who gets the most popular votes in all 50 states. The Compact comes into effect when states with a combined total of 270 votes have signed on, thus guaranteeing that the winner of the popular vote will win in the Electoral College.


We MUST show legislators that HB 5434 has broad public support. 

1. Attend the public hearing and press event at 10am on Wed. Feb 22 in Hartford (Legislative Office Bldg, 300 Capitol Ave). An impressive turnout is very important to generate media coverage and grab legislators’ attention. Click here if you’re interested or have questions about logistics, parking etc. or sign up on our Facebook event (and invite lots of friends!).

2. Contact your state legislators to tell them you support HB 5434, the National Popular Vote Compact. Ask them if they do too; if not why notClick here to get to the NPV website and then type your zip code in the Take Action Box. You get a choice of messages you can modify (better yet, copy and paste one of ours below; change it up a bit for greater impact). MAKE SURE YOU MENTION YOUR NAME AND TOWN! Please let us know what you hear back by forwarding replies to

3. Submit written testimony to the GAE Committee via email to as a PDF or Word attachment by 10 pm Tuesday, February 21, include “I support HB 5434” in email subject line, and mention your support for HB 5434 at the beginning of their testimony.

Click here to get tips on submitting testimony (submit testimony only if you have time to write something of your own with guidance from us, form emails will not help). Please “bcc” us at so we can follow what’s happening.


Communicating in your own words is best, but here are ways to express your support. Be sure to include your name and the town you live in, and for emails put in the “bcc” line. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU HEAR BACK.

  • I urge you to support HB 5434, the proposal to elect the President by the national popular vote in all 50 states. That way CT voters would matter. Please let me know if you support the bill, and if not, why not?
  • Presidential candidates rarely campaign in Connecticut. With the National Popular Vote Compact, HB 5434, every vote in CT would matter and candidates would pay attention to us. Do you favor the Compact? If not, why don’t you believe that every vote should matter equally?
  • I’m tired of hearing that battleground states are the only ones that matter in presidential elections.  What about Connecticut?  With HB 5434, the National Popular Vote Compact, our votes would matter the same as  votes in OH, FL and PA. Please let me know if you support the bill, and if not, why not?
  • I’m writing to let you know I support HB5434, the National Popular Vote Compact that awards the presidency to the candidate who receives the most votes nationwide. The Compact would make one person, one vote a reality. Are you in  favor of the Compact? If not, can you explain why every vote shouldn’t count equally, no matter what state you live in?
  • I believe in a democracy every vote should matter equally and the president should be the candidate who gets the most votes. Under the current state-by-state winner-take-all method of awarding electoral votes, it doesn’t work that way. Please support HB5434, the National Popular Vote Compact. Will you vote yes on HB5434? If no, why not?

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