National Popular Vote bill, HB 5434, passes committee!

On a 9-8 party-line vote the National Popular Vote bill, HB 5434, passed out of the Government Administration and Elections committee yesterday!

In order to get the bill to the House floor for a full vote of the House of Representatives, we’ll need to show that there is strong support for the bill. The best way to do that is to recruit additional co-sponsors for the bill – we’ve now got 32 (see the full list here) but we need more!

Please call or email your state representative and state senator to ask them to co-sponsor now that the bill has left committee. Representatives can no longer say they want to see what will happen to the bill in committee. Please give them a deadline when you reach out: ask them to make a commitment to co-sponsor in the next week.

If you’re interested in more ways to help out, please fill out this quick 2 minute survey about ways to get involved.

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